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Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Île de Ré cannot circumvent the varied tide times. Whether high or low, there are always activities to do at the edge of the beautiful beaches of the Ile de Ré.

Fishing on foot and its regulations

La Pêche réglementée sur l'île-de-Ré - les marées
La Pêche réglementée sur l’île-de-Ré

The tide depends on the attraction between the moon and the sun with respect to the Earth. When there is high tide, it is very pleasant to go swimming in the sea or to do a nautical activity. However when the tide moves away from the fine sand, more exactly, when the coefficient is above 100, it is difficult to make these activities. But do not panic, in these conditions, it is quite possible to go fishing on foot! A variety of shellfish and crustaceans will be available to you: mussels, oysters, clams, prawns, cakes, there is something for everyone! However, certain rules must be applied for shore fishing:

  • Fill in the holes made
  • Do not fish for soft-shelled crabs
  • Do not fish females carrying eggs: for the shrimp you can see its dark eggs between its legs / for the crab, an orange mass is at the bottom of the abdomen
  • Do not fish for shellfish that are too small: a ruler is available in the Tourist Offices of the island
  • Return the stones taken in hand to their original position: the oysters and the seaweed must be on the top
  • Do not tear the algae, it is better to cut them
  • Do not litter on the foreshore
  • Do not bring home more than 5 kilos of shellfish

The specific places for shore fishing on the Ile de Ré

La pêche à pied sur l'Île de Ré
La pêche à pied sur l’Île de Ré

First of all, whatever the location, shore fishing is only possible on the foreshore. It is defined as a strip of coastal land covered by high tides and uncovered by low tides. Everyone can access it and enjoy the many shellfish that wash up on the coastal strip.

Places prohibited for shore fishing on the Île de Ré

On the Ile de Ré, shore fishing is a key activity. However, it cannot be in return for environmental decline! This is therefore tolerated on the maritime public domain with the exception of certain areas:

Rivedoux-Plage: to the north and north-east 150 meters around the pier, to the south-east and at the port pier at the foot of the Île de Ré bridge.

Fiers d’Ars: the area bounded to the north by the Chenal du Riveau, to the south by the Chenal des Villages.

To the east by the central channel of the Fier d’Ars and to the west by the stone dyke of the Lilleau des Niges nature reserve.

Within the administrative limits of the ports Less than 25 meters around the oyster beds and fish locks

The Chauveau site (opposite the Rivedoux-Plage lighthouse) from May 16 to January 31.

Don’t forget your boots, buckets and landing nets, the rest is up to you!

If you want to check the tide times click here. For more information on the tides of the Ile de Ré, visit the Tourist Office website.

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